Guatemala Mission 2013


Some notes on our mission trip to Guatemala from a lousy writer !! See all the photos and movie instead !! I am sure Mike will write about it and I will link to it here !!  On Tuesday April 23 the Plant Today Mission trip began. A group of 6 we left from the airport of Miami with Pastor Mike Medley en route to Guatemala City.


Movie Part 2.     Movie Part 3.      Movie Part 4.       The Clown

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Ignatian Spirituality

Ignatian prayer is imaginative, reflective, and personal. St. Ignatius Loyola encouraged people to develop an intimate relationship with a God who loves them and continued-on1desires the best for them. Ignatius Loyola trusted human desires. He believed that our deepest desire is to return God’s love. Ignatius Loyola also trusted feelings. He believed that feelings of joy and sorrow, peace and distress, were important indicators of the path toward fruitful decisions and deeper union with God. At the heart of Ignatian prayer are the Spiritual Exercises and the Daily Examen.               *Read more on…….