John Main, O.S.B.

Dom John Main, O.S.B. (1926–1982), was a Benedictine monk and priest who presented a way of Christian meditation which utilized the practice of a prayer-phrase or mantra. In 1975 Dom John began Christian meditation groups which met at Ealing Abbey, his monastery in West London, England and, later, in Montreal, Canada. These were the origins of the ecumenical network of Christian meditation groups which have become the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM).

Laurence Freeman OSB is a Benedictine monk of the Olivetan Congregation, and Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation. After John Main’s death in 1982 he continued the work of teaching meditation that had now begun to develop a global community. In 1991 Fr Laurence established the International Centre of the newly formed World Community for Christian Meditation that is now present in more than 100 countries. Fr Laurence gives retreats, leads seminars worldwide, and nurtures interfaith dialogue.

A space for stillness, reflection and peace. The John Main Center for Meditation and Interreligious dialogue is dedicated to the teaching and practice of meditation. The root tradition from which it teaches this is Christian, but it equally recognises and celebrates the universal, unifying extent of meditation as a common human wisdom and as a way into the common ground of humanity. It welcomes members of all faiths as well as seekers who have none.


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