Opening Doors Whitin – Eileen Caddy

Eileen Caddy MBE (26 August 1917 – 13 December 2006) was a spiritual teacher and new age author, best known as one of the founders of the Findhorn Foundation community at the Findhorn Ecovillage, near the village of Findhorn, Moray Firth, in northeast Scotland. The commune which she started in 1962 with her second husband, Peter Caddy, and Dorothy Maclean was an early New Age intentional community; as of January 2009 it has been home to over 400 residents and thousands of visitors from over 40 countries, and is one of the UK’s largest alternative spiritual communities, nicknamed “the Vatican of the New Age“.

Guatemala Mission 2013


Some notes on our mission trip to Guatemala from a lousy writer !! See all the photos and movie instead !! I am sure Mike will write about it and I will link to it here !!  On Tuesday April 23 the Plant Today Mission trip began. A group of 6 we left from the airport of Miami with Pastor Mike Medley en route to Guatemala City.


Movie Part 2.     Movie Part 3.      Movie Part 4.       The Clown

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Visions of Guatemala

Their stories vary, but their faces are the same. These are the faces of precious children with no hope of escaping the fate that awaits them. 
     Orphaned, abandoned, and abused children live in garbage dumps and walk aimlessly barefooted amid the rubbish looking for food. Their primary concern is their daily need for food and shelter. They are children as well as teenagers.  They are hungry and destitute.  It’s hard to imagine how these precious human beings are able to live in such poverty.  Continue reading