Guatemala Mission 2013


Some notes on our mission trip to Guatemala from a lousy writer !! See all the photos and movie instead !! I am sure Mike will write about it and I will link to it here !!  On Tuesday April 23 the Plant Today Mission trip began. A group of 6 we left from the airport of Miami with Pastor Mike Medley en route to Guatemala City.


Movie Part 2.     Movie Part 3.      Movie Part 4.       The Clown

On Tuesday April 23 the Plant Today Mission trip began. A group of 6 we left from the airport of Miami with Pastor Mike Medley en route to Guatemala City.
Some of the places scheduled to visit will be Casa Samuel, San Pedro de la Huertas and Cristobal.
We brought a lot of clothing and some toys for the children and young adults as well as eye exam equipment and about 300 pairs of glasses and some fire equipment for the fireman of San Pedro.
We arrived on the first day and were picked up from the airport in Guatemala City in a van and with our driver Byron went to Antigua were we will be staying for the duration of our trip.
The hotel is very nice and comfortable and I feel so far like I am on Vacation but I am sure when we start that will change, especially when we go out among the people and the children.
We got settled in and then decided to go out and do a little exploring around Antigua as we had a little time before dinner. No sooner than we started and saw the first couple of churches we came by Hermano Pedro’s. I had wanted to say hello to Padre Jose at Hermano Pedro’s, an organization that has been in existence here for 31 years and has been helping some 250 severely and profoundly handicapped babies, children, young adults and older man and woman, so this was the opportunity to do so.
Padre Jose is a Franciscan from Padova, Italy and has been doing this tremendous work !!! Taking care of a population of severely and profoundly handicapped who otherwise would have no services whatsoever.
For more information you can go to his organization’s web site ……….
It is always an incredible feeling seeing these children and the conditions that they are in but at the same time it gives you a perspective on life and how fortunate we are and also on what we can do for others.
The second day “Wednesday” we are up at 5 and cannot wait until we get to Casa Samuel. The group has brought clothing and toys for the children as well as eye glasses and an apparatus and the means to measure the vision of the kids and try to at least improve their vision somewhat.
We had a small reunion among ourselves and after breakfast we were on our way.
It takes about a couple of hours to get to Casa Samuel which is about 45 minutes from the San Salvador border. Again we are on our way with Byron our driver.
The third day “Thursday” we are on our way to San Pedro de la Huertas with Pastor Israel. We set up in his church for eye exams and did over 45 for the day. At the end of the day I went to Guatemala City to visit Pastor Byron’s mom, dad, and Zelma and stayed a little and then headed back.
The fourth day “Friday” we are off to San Pedro to do more eye exams.
Here I went just at the edge of town and met the Sisters of Saint Claire.
We saw some work that Danny an American missionary from Alabama who is now living in Guatemala has been doing.
The fifth day “Saturday” it’s a “climb” up to Saint Cristobal to see the breakfast program that Danny does 6 days a week with approximately 25 to 50 kids and the structure he built there. We also did more eye exams the rest of the day. This is our last day and at the end of this day we have completed 125 exams in all.
Throughout all the days Jeannette has been cutting hair !! And cutting and cutting !!!

Sunday we get ready to leave but before we head for the airport we have been invited for services at Pastor Israel’s church and it was great !!!  My first Pentecostal service and I added a movie to remember by. The band of mostly Pastor Israel and his family was also great !! Before we left I lined up all of Pastor Israel’s family with the help of his wife Cecelia and took a great group shot. Everyone including myself was very sad as in these days we really got to know each other and had a great time.
We said goodby to all and quickly headed to the airport.

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