The American Indian

Stith Thompson, a Distinguished Professor of English and Folklore at Indiana University, anthologized these Native American tales from the ethnographic literature. His chief contribution to the field was his ‘Motif-Index of Folk Literature’, which is a cross-cultural index of themes that occur in folktales.

Reading through the traditional folk stories of AfricaEurope, and Native America, it becomes obvious that there are a broad set of motifs that are appear across geographic boundaries. Is this evidence of diffusion or something buried deeper in our cultural matrix that goes back to our common origins? This is still a mystery. READ MORE

The North American Indian by Edward S. Curtis is one of the most significant and controversial representations of traditional American Indian culture ever produced. Issued in a limited edition from 1907-1930, the publication continues to exert a major influence on the image of Indians in popular culture. Curtis said he wanted to document “the old time Indian, his dress, his ceremonies, his life and manners.” In over 2000 photogravure plates and narrative, Curtis portrayed the traditional customs and lifeways of eighty Indian tribes. The twenty volumes, each with an accompanying portfolio, are organized by tribes and culture areas encompassing the Great Plains, Great Basin, Plateau Region, Southwest, California, Pacific Northwest, and Alaska. Featured here are all of the published photogravure images including over 1500 illustrations bound in the text volumes, along with over 700 portfolio plates.

Map of Tribes in Pacific Northwest Region

Pacific Northwest 
Achomawi Indians
Chemakum Indians
Chukchansi Indians
Clayoquot Indians
Coast Salish Indians
Cowichan Indians
Haida Indians
Hupa Indians
Hesquiat Indians
Karok Indians
Klamath Indians
Koskimo Indians
Kwakiutl Indians
Lummi Indians
Makah Indians
Nootka Indians
Puget Sound Salish Indians
Quileute Indians
Quinault Indians
Shasta Indians
Skokomish Indians
Tolowa Indians
Tututni Indians
Willapa Indians
Wiyot Indians
Yurok Indians

Map of Tribes in New Southwest Region

New Southwest 
Acoma Indians
Apache Indians
Cochiti Indians
Havasupai Indians
Hopi Indians
Hualapai Indians
Isleta Indians
Jemez Indians
Jicarilla Indians
Keresan Indians
Laguna Indians
Maricopa Indians
Mohave Indians
Navajo Indians
Pima Indians
Qahatika Indians
Taos Indians
Tewa Indians
Tigua Indians
Tohono O’Odham Indians
Yuma Indians
White Mountain Apache Indian Tribe
Yavapai Indians
Zuñi Indians

Map of Tribes in Great Basin Region

Great Basin 
Cahuilla Indians
Chemehuevi Indians
Comanche Indians
Cupeño Indians
Diegueño Indians
Mono Indians
Northern Paiute Indians
Shoshonean Indians
Washo Indians

Map of Tribes in Great Plains Region

Great Plains 
Arapaho Indians
Arikara Indians
Assiniboine Indians
Atsina Indians
Brule Indians
Cheyenne Indians
Chipewyan Indians
Cree Indians
Crow Indians
Dakota Indians
Hidatsa Indians
Kainah Indians
Mandan Indians
Oglala Indians
Osage Indians
Oto Indians
Piegan Indians
Ponca Indians
Quapaw Indians
Sarsi Indians
Siksika Indians
Teton Indians
Wichita Indians
Yanktonai Indians

Map of Tribes in Plateau Region

Plateau Region 
Cayuse Indians
Chinookan Indians
Kalispel Indians
Klikitat Indians
Kutenai Indians
Nespelim Indians
Nez Perce Indians
Salish Indians
Salishan Indians
Spokane Indians
Tlakluit Indians
Umatilla Indians
Walla Walla Indians
Yakama Indians

Map of Tribes in Alaska Region


Map of Tribes in California Region

Kato Indians
Maidu Indians
Miwok Indians
Pomo Indians
Wailaki Indians
Wintun Indians
Yokuts Indians
Yuki Indians

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