Saint Francis Walk

La Verna – Assisi

On May 10 I will be off to finish the second part of the Saint Francis Walk which will take me from La Verna to Assisi. I am looking forward to meeting again Marisa and Patrizia who will lead us on this trip and to walk again with my good friends and fellow pilgrims Pasquale and Claudio. I hope to come back with more photos and information and also more spiritually enlightened!!

La Verna – Cerbaiolo – (27km-8hr)
Cerbaiolo – Sansepolcro – (29km-9hr)
Sansepolcro – Città di Castello – (27km-8hr)
Città di Castello – Pietralunga – (29km-9)
Gubbio – Biscina(22km-6/7)
Biscina – Assisi(27km-8hr)
(To see the walk from La Verna click here.)

(To see the first part of the walk click here.)

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