My First Communion

Today I was at church and there were a number of kids doing their first communion and it brought to mind the time I did my first communion (many years ago). When I came home I dug up some of the photos I still have of this event and some memorabilia as well.

Well here I am after my first communion. I was a little unhappy at that time only because I was not going out to a restaurant to eat but that my “Compare” (godfather) was taking me to eat at his house and I already knew what to expect, O well!! the important things at that time.

I do remember I just barely made it because I could not learn one of the prayers, I beleive it was the “Credo” or “Nicene Creed” and the priest in charge was going to flunk me. My aunt, Zia Rosina stepped in and tutored me with much sufferance on my part but eventually I got it and the rest is History.

I still have the little medal I wore and the 18kt watch which was a customary gift to be given by the godfather. The first one of my male grandchildren that makes his communion gets the watch!!

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