Hermann Hesse

Hermann Hesse (1877-1962) was born into a family of Pietist missionaries and religious publishers in the Black Forest town of Calw, in the German state of Wüttenberg. Johannes Hesse, his father, was born a Russian citizen in Weissenstein, Estonia. Hesse’s mother, Marie Gundert, was born in Talatscheri, India, as the daughter of the Pietist missionary and Indologist, Hermann Gundert. His parents expected him to follow the family tradition in theology – they had served as missionaries in India. Hesse entered the Protestant seminary at Maulbronn in 1891, but he was expelled from the school. After unhappy experiences at a secular school, Hesse left his studies. He worked a bookshop clerk, a mechanic, and a book dealer in Tübingen, where he joined literary circle called Le Petit Cénacle. During this period Hesse read voluminously and determined the become a writer. In 1899 Hesse published his first works, ROMANTISCHE LIEDER and EINE STUNDE HINTER MITTERNACHT.  READ MORE

Coloro che disdegnano di bere ad acque torbide, che non si appagano di simulacri, non si accontentano di un nome in luogo della sostanza, né di un’immagine al posto della realtà, sono anche coloro che vogliono tornare alle prime sorgenti di ogni energia e di ogni vita: sono i grandi iniziati sulla via della saggezza. Tale emerge Francesco d’Assisi, in questa biografia di Hermann Hesse che si lega straordinariamente alla futura problematica e alle figure iniziatiche che tanta parte hanno nell’arte di questo scrittore.

Francesco d’Assisi
di Hermann Hesse
Sugarco Edizioni

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