The Hippie Era – 1969 79

Hippies are against fur coats. (again, because we must love one another, including animals and plants, and everything!) They also do not believe in “testing on animals”, which is only right! Why don’t they do the tests on actual humans?
Hippies, in other words, were “naturalists”… They wanted nothing more than peace, love and happiness. (And I wonder if the assassination of John Lennon was because the government was afraid to have everyone happy, because then they wouldn’t be in control…) Who knows? But I know this much- Hippies, in 1969, were mostly happy, and this was mostly due to yoga, meditation, mind-over-matter, “inner peace”… and some fancy-named drugs. (reefer, magic mushrooms, acid, coke, LSD, heroine… actually, they came out with some pretty cool names for these drugs, but the outcomes were tragic…)

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Let’s see… The Hippie Era. What a great topic! (I think…?) I was sitting here the other day, completely BLANK, not knowing what to write about… Then it came to me… The Hippie Era! But after thinking about it for a moment, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say about it! So, I got online, and searched “The Hippie Era-1969”.
First, I searched “images”, and I received pictures of “Woodstock”, and hippies, and famous rock legends, such as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix,  Joe Cocker, The Who, Santana, CCR, the Greatful Dead, and other well known “Hippie Era” legends that were present at Woodstock in 1969. I also grabbed a funny picture of “bath-time” during Woodstock… Too cute!
Then there were pictures of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and of course peace signs, water bongs and glass pipes, pictures of marijuana plants, the all-time famous “John Lennon” Sunglasses, bellbottoms, tye-dye shirts and clothing, headbands, hemp necklaces… You name it, it was there!
Love, Peace and Happiness, Baby! …Make Love Not War!!! All the great photo shots almost put me there, myself. I could almost hear “Me and Bobby McGee” in the background, and smell reefer in the air! (What a great era, eh?) Hippies defenately made their opinions known, as “Freedom of Speech” was being practiced frequently back then. They had strikes for this and strikes for that, picketers for this and that… Everyone, especially females, were letting their views be known. They were against war, and faught for peace, pleaded for peace… The girls burnt their bra’s just to make a point! (Why not, they didn’t wear them anyway!) Actually, most of the time, hippies were “sky-clad” (or naked). And they were of different religions, and race was not a factor. Hippies truly believe that everyone is equal, no matter what color they are, or what religion… It’s all about loving one another, and coming together as one so we can all live peacefully.

Hippie Chicks

“Make Love, Not War, Baby!!!”

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My Final Thought:

All in all, I think the Hippie Era was awesome. Not only did they believe in love, peace and happiness, but they were all good at heart, down to earth, natural born lovers of individuality, freedom, and “inner peace”, (no matter how they had to get it!) They showed others that it’s okay to stand up for your rights. Blacks were given more rights in the 60’s, Women learned that they were equal to men. Gays and lesbians came out of their closets, more apt to stand up because of the Freedom Act… I could go on and on… Hippies taught us a good lesson, if you paid attention to what they concentrated on…………….We should all love one another…

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